The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley (UJPB) DeCal
Spring 2020

Psych 98/198, 1-2 Unit(s)

About the Course

The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley (UJPB) is a student-run journal featuring high-quality, original psychology research from undergraduates all over the country. We welcome students from a variety of academic backgrounds - we have had students concentrating in psychology, sociology, linguistics, philosophy, English, Latin, computer science, cognitive science, molecular & cell biology, and astrophysics. We believe that each student has something to contribute from his or her unique background, and this is what enriches our study of psychology.
Our team meets each week for two hours to discuss, select, and edit papers for publication. Along the way, editors will develop valuable skills and gain familiarity with the structure of a scientific paper, statistical methods, usage of APA style and formatting, and rigorous critique of experimental methodology. The seminar format encourages cooperation, lively discussion, and a tight-knit community. In the fall semester, we focus on the selection and the reading of the undergraduate research paper submissions we receive from all over the country and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each paper. In the spring semester, we split into small editing teams and work on the papers we selected in the fall. A class may include lectures on topics relevant to the editing process, games and team-building exercises, or guest speakers. Each class will also dedicate time to allow the editing teams to meet, discuss, and prepare their edits on their assigned paper. In the past, members have had little trouble completing their edits during class time.
No papers or exams.
Attendance Policy: Up to 2 unexcused absences.
Where: Dwinelle 205
When: Monday 6:00PM-8:00PM

How to Enroll

We use an application-like process where prospective editors must email with a resume and a brief statement of interest. A member of the Executive Board then follows up for a quick interview, after which the Executive Board emails the interviewee with their acceptance and the CCN. It is somewhat first-come-first-serve, as interviewees are notified quickly of their acceptance, and once the class is full no more people are interviewed.