Volume 6 Editor's Note

Welcome to the 6th edition of the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley! As the title suggests, this publication is the product of a variety of undergraduates from across the nation!

From cover to cover, this issue is a celebration of the ingenuity of these undergraduates and their dedication to celebrating the works of several inspiring undergraduates. By providing these authors a platform on which to speak, we hope that their work will motivate each reader to discover the true potential that lies within each budding undergraduate professional. Featured in this issue are the works of eight authors from across the nation – from our own University of California, Berkeley to Kansas University all the way to the eastern seaboard at New York University.

This journal is dedicated to the numerous undergraduates who made this journal possible. First, we would like to thank our eight authors for their creativity and hours of elbow grease that have culminated in the form of their manuscripts. In addition, we extend our thanks to our editing staff, who have been dedicated to strengthening the author’s voice through revision, and to those in layout and graphic design, who have been focused on putting this issue together with care and talent. This issue was arranged, designed, inspired and made possible by an impressive team of undergraduates. Above all else, however, this journal is the direct manifestation of a collaborative effort of these undergraduates who have worked on this edition from page to page.

To our readers, we thank you for your support. By purchasing a copy of this issue, you are empowering these undergraduates by making their voices heard. By flipping through the pages of this issue, we hope that you are as inspired by their research as we are!

Bella Rivaldi & Laila Soudi