Author Biographies

Sasha Sommerfeldt | University of Minnesota

Sasha Sommerfeldt graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Minnesota in May 2012. She currently holds a full-time position in neuroimaging in the Brain and Behavioral Processes Laboratory of Dr. Monica Luciana at the University of Minnesota, and also works with children and adolescents receiving inpatient psychiatric treatment at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview. She has received grants to conduct analyses of neurocognitive and neuroimaging data in adolescents with depression and substance abuse, and presented her findings at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research and Society for Research on Child Development Biennial Meeting. As an undergraduate, she also volunteered with Dr. Bonnie Klimes-Dougan in her Research on Adolescent Depression Laboratory, and continues to work closely with her on analysis projects. Sasha hopes to pursue a career investigating mind-brain-body relationships, especially in relation to emotion regulation, mood and anxiety disorders, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and consciousness.

Jenn Hatfield | Harvard University

Jenn Hatfield is a senior at Harvard University majoring in psychology, with a minor in government. She first chose psychology because she was fascinated by how people think and learn. She focuses primarily on developmental psychology and recently completed a senior thesis investigating how young children learn from teachers. Outside the classroom, Jenn is a goalkeeper for the Harvard varsity field hockey team and is passionate about education research and reform. After graduation, Jenn plans to apply her research experience in psychology to an education policy research role in Washington, D.C.

Thao Nguyen | Claremont Graduate University

I graduated from UCSD Spring 2013 (Psychology, B.S., cum laude) and started my first year of graduate school in the Fall. I currently study Cognitive Psychology at Claremont Graduate University and am researching face recognition memory and prospective memory. My interest in psychology began in high school when my teacher showed us a scene between Jim and Dwight from The Office as an example of Pavlovian Conditioning. After some psychology courses in college, I became fascinated with the brain and human cognition. It is partly due to my terrible memory that I decided to focus my research on memory. When I have the chance, I would like to study some of my other interests as well, which include bilingualism and the intersection between language and music.

Sydney Krueger | Princeton University

Sydney is currently finishing her senior year at Princeton University where she is majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. Her research interests include aging, working memory, learning, attention, and exercise. She first became interested in cognitive aging after she spent a summer researching neurogenetics and Parkinson’s disease at the National Institutes of Health. While at Princeton, Sydney has worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Human Working Memory Lab with advisor, Andrew Conway. She wrote her senior thesis on the effects of a pedometer intervention on cognitive functioning in a group of older adults. She is particularly interested in applying psychology or neuroscience to develop products that improve health and enjoyment and plans to attend graduate school for Psychology or Cognitive Neuroscience.

Fushu Tan | University of Oregon

Fushu Tan is a recent graduate with a major in psychology at the University of Oregon. She worked as a research assistant in Dr. Holly Arrow’s Group and War lab, enabling her to complete an honors thesis in her senior year. She also engaged in several projects in Dr. Edward Awh’s Attention and Memory lab and Dr. Azim Shariff’s Culture and Morality lab.Her research interests are school violence especially bullying, peer relationship, and adolescent development. Fushu really enjoys doing research, and would love to combine her passion and knowledge to help children and adolescents with problems that are related to school and family. She will start her first year of graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in this fall. She hopes to get her Ph.D. in School Psychology after that.

Shevantika Nanda | University of St Andrews

I was first introduced to psychology in high school and I loved it from day one! While studying for my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of St Andrews, I was exposed to various fields of the subject. I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most influential researchers within the department while doing my three research internships in Perception, cognitive and social psychology. I am interested in a number of areas specifically, face perception and human attraction, neuropsychology and cross-cultural psychology After completing my degree, I returned to India and have been at a hospital with a neuropsychologist. I am currently in the process of applying for my masters degree and hope to be able to get back to studying later this year.