Volume 9 Editor's Note

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley. In this edition, you will find articles and literature reviews on topics from cognitive psychology to biological psychology to clinical psychology.

The academic community at Berkeley celebrates the dedication and passion of researchers around the world. Excellence in not only one’s ability to conduct sound research, but also the ability to critically analyze and communicate the results is what drives the academic community. In this journal, we give you the first tastes of some of the brightest minds in the future of psychological research.

This year, the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley successfully faced challenges in restructuring the organization with a tighter knit group of hardworking editors, had talented new leaders who stepped up and took responsibility, and established new directions in expanding the journal. In the upcoming year, our goal will be to increase global visibility and recognition of the journal, and as follows, inspire and encourage undergraduate researchers to take up the challenge to pursue original research and publish their hard work.

I would like to thank Vanita Borwankar for her excellent counsel as executive director providing me with a great second opinion and backup. I also want to thank Jigyasa Sharma for her leadership and taking up responsibility in time of great need. Thank you both for making this year as successful as it is. I’m grateful to Katherine Wood, former Editor-in-Chief, who provided me with exceptional guidance and support, and finally, I want to thank the editing team for their dedication and effort.

With great honor and pride,

Sharon YuHsuan Chuang