Volume 9 Preface

Welcome to the 2016 edition of the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology!

This is my first year as Chair in the Department of Psychology at Berkeley, and one of the pleasures of this job has been to work with the student editors who have put together this journal. They have worked tirelessly to select and edit articles that reflect the very best of psychological science.

We at Berkeley have been committed to fostering research of the highest quality, in order to understand the brain and mind, individual personalities and social interactions, lifespan development, cognition, and mental illness. What makes psychology so exciting is that is a “hub” for the social and life sciences. The papers contained in this volume reflect this breadth, with contributions spanning different domains of psychology.

Our faculty have the great good fortune to teach and collaborate with a very talented group of undergraduates at Berkeley. Our students not only engage in the intensive study of a problem that reflects their personal interests, but, as important, gain skills in the scientific method. An important part of this skill set is clearly writing about complicated laboratory observations. Written communication about our research is still a hallmark of our science the articles you will read in this volume each represent the terrific exemplars of psychological science.

Congratulations to all of the participants – contributors and editors alike - who have created another amazing edition of the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology.

Ann M. Kring

Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology

University of California, Berkeley