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The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley is an annual publication that allows undergraduate students who have completed scientific studies in psychology and psychology-related fields to publish their findings to the larger academic community, promoting further and more excellent undergraduate research.
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Our 2020 issue, Volume 13 of the Undergraduate Journal of Psychology, is now online! Click here to read it, or check out our Research page to see all our past issues. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Soon, we will be accepting submissions for our next issue!

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Editors review articles submitted for publication in UJPB. They work closely with authors, and as a team with other editors, to help turn selected articles into polished, publishable pieces.

Positions are open to applications at the beginning of each semester. All UC Berkeley students are eligible to apply, regardless of major or class standing.

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Publishing a scientific manuscript brings you into a conversation happening between many members of the scientific community throughout the world everyday. Everyone has a unique human perspective to share in this conversation, and together we aim to understand and predict the human non-human world. This is science. UJPB encourages you to join this conversation by publishing clear, inspiring, and accessible scientific prose

Psychology Publications Workshop

The psychology publications workshop encourages undergraduate participation in the broader academic community by promoting sophisticated undergraduate research and active involvement with other aspiring undergraduate researchers.

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Dana Rosen, Editor-in-Chief

Dana is third year Interdisciplinary Studies major with a focus on cognitive science and education. She is particularly interested in the psychology of storytelling and early childhood mathematical cognition.


Katherine Wood, Advising Editor

Katherine is a fourth-year psychology major minoring in Latin. She is researching cognitive and perceptual psychology and is in the middle of applying to graduate school. When she is not coding or in class, she can usually be found in lab.


Nada Anastasia Rendradjaja, Executive Director

Nada is a senior psychology major interested in clinical psychology. She is particularly interested in personality and developmental psychology. She works at the Golden Bear Sleep Mood Research.


Andrew Toskin, Chief Technology Officer

Andrew’s eclectic interests include the psychology of creativity and mood disorders, love, neuroplasticity, and people’s (in)ability to change themselves. A chronic tinkerer, Andrew is always learning and trying out new computer code, new areas of psychological science


Kalley Thompson, Editor & Chief Technology Officer

A Junior at UC Berkeley, Kalley studies Psychology and Computer Science. She spends her time promoting the mission of the Journal, absorbing new exciting course material, designing and implementing fun cs side projects, and exploring the local cuisine with her roommates.


Anna Nguyen, Design Manager & Editor

Anna is a third-year psychology major interested in clinical neuroscience. She is a research assistant for the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic, an officer for Psi Chi, and a counselor for Student-to-Student Peer Counseling. Outside of the psychology department.



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Five Types Of Psychological Research That Everyone Should Know

Five Types Of Psychological Research That Everyone Should Know

Psychology is a various field. There may be multiple psychology studies strategies that may be utilized in lots of circumstances at any time. Which technique to apply relies upon the studies carried out and the studies topics involved. Often, a couple of psychology studies techniques can be used, mainly while validating preceding studies. Here are five famous psychology studies strategies and a number of their maximum success applications.

Naturalistic commentary

As the call suggests, this psychology studies technique includes looking at something in its herbal surroundings. Naturalistic commentary is regularly used while the study’s subject’s surroundings can’t be recreated in a lab setting. So, this studies technique is usually used while the topics being studied are in lecture rooms or workplaces. Another not unusual place use of naturalistic commentary is to assist the validity of different psychology studies strategies.

Naturalistic commentary

One of the most critical risks of naturalistic commentary is that humans tend to act otherwise while being observed. This disadvantage turned into and through the Hawthorne research, which got down to deciding whether people have been extra efficient in brighter mild. Using naturalistic commentary, the researchers observed that people were extra efficient because the mild was brighter until the examination stopped. Even eleven though the lighting stayed up, without the eye of the researchers, people went lower back to their old, inferior manufacturing methods.


If the primary query on a survey turned into, ‘have you ever spoke back a survey?’, probabilities are we’d get a hundred according to cent fantastic results. Surveys are one of the maximum famous methods to discover what humans suppose and one of the top, not unusual place studies strategies in psychology.

The random pattern is the key to lifting the survey from an advertising and marketing device to a psychology studies technique. This subset of the complete populace being studied, selected at random, better symbolizes the overall crowd. A random pattern wishes the first-class danger of demonstrating the entire people. To do that, it needs to be weighted to have the identical traits of that populace. For example, if you desired to analyze postgraduate college students who study weblog posts, you wouldn’t encompass postgraduate college students who don’t research weblog posts to your random pattern.


Experimental strategies

Experimental psychology studies strategies begin with speculation that the researcher hopes to prove, attained through manipulating one impartial variable even as measuring the end result on every other based variable. Ideally, those experiments can be carried out in a lab in those which different variables are controlled. Both naturalistic commentary and surveys and different psychology studies strategies may be used as part of an experimental technique.

Experimental studies also can be carried out inside the field, with a constrained cap potential to manipulate different variables. The Good Samaritan test of 1973 used this technique to decide how possible humans can prevent and assist after skipping an injured person.

Experimental strategies

They informed the volunteers of their random pattern that the examination turned into approximately non-secular training and vocations to manipulate outdoor variables. They gave them a survey then requested them to stroll to every other construction to supply a talk. It turned into on their manner that they encountered an injured person – in which simplest forty according to cent of them stopped to assist.

Correlational Studies

When it’s no longer feasible to run a test, correlational research may be a powerful psychology studies technique. Correlational research additionally employs naturalistic commentary and surveys, in addition to archival studies. The concept right here is to study or extra variables to perceive dating among them.

The maximum vital issue to keep in mind is that correlation does now no longer constantly exact causation. Correlational research makes it feasible to examine variables that we can’t manipulate. However, they don’t offer sufficient records to set up cause-and-impact dating. For this reason, correlational research is regularly used withinside the early tiers of a studies project.

Case examine

Case examine

Those psychology study strategies may be used as part of a case examination, which specializes in one person or a group – generally over an extended time. Because the simplest case is involved, it’s hard to extrapolate this study to broader populations. It additionally increases moral problems across the long-time period participation of these involved.

When Henry Molaison misplaced the cap potential to create new recollections after a botched operation to treat epilepsy, he became a case examine for over a hundred psychologists and neurologists. Suzanne Corkin turned into one neurologist who spent forty-six years operating with Molaison till his demise in 2008.

Before her demise in 2016, Corkin became accused of unethical practices for the duration of her case examination that covered shredding supply fabric and now no longer revealing Henry’s pre-present conditions. This highlights the chance of bias with case examination studies. Researchers are vulnerable to discrimination as they arrive to recognize their studies topics – and due to the fact, they make investments a lot in their effort and time into the project.

Steps To Earning Your Behavioral Science Degree

Steps To Earning Your Behavioral Science Degree

Like human beings themselves, those research maintain to adapt with adjustments in era and culture. Those who paintings within side the vast fields of behavioral technology and psychology affect our expertise of self. Professionals in each psychology and human conduct have an impact on a massive variety of areas. However, there are vital variations among behavioral technology and psychology levels, especially the understanding and possibilities afforded to people who earn every diploma.

Behavioral technology

Behavioral science

What a behavioral technology diploma offers is an interdisciplinary technique to reading human conduct. It uses cognitive technology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, or even synthetic intelligence (AI) to discover and examine human actions, habits, and intentions. Social sciences have a take a observe the effect of conversation, language, culture, and the surroundings on human conduct.

Behavioral science

A behavioral technology diploma can assist graduates in toinroadening robust analytical talents, which are crucial as it should be expertise a man or woman’s behavioral patterns. Powerful conversation abilities also are evolved, allowing diploma-holders to percentage their expert observations efficaciously and without ambiguity. Additionally, a behavioral technology diploma can assist people in broadening talents which can permit them to thrive in crew situations, including venture control.

Steps to Earning Your Behavioral Science Degree

Behavioral technology levels typically function coursework committed to numerous components of fitness, together with psychology, sociology, and physiology. They may additionally consist of different publications which include facts that can increase a student’s analytical talents. Once this coursework is finished and a bachelor’s diploma is obtained, graduates can start pursuing entry-stage roles withinside the behavioral technology subject. They also can use the diploma as a stepping-stone to pursue superior levels in behavioral technology.

What Is a Psychology Degree?

What Is a Psychology Degree?

The coursework in a psychology diploma software emphasizes human mind biology, cognition, and intellectual processes. The software covers a wide variety of psychology, human development, strange psychology, multicultural psychology, social psychology, and organic psychology.

Skills Developed Through a Psychology Degree

Several of the talents evolved through a psychology diploma are much like those cultivated via a behavioral technology diploma, which includes analytical and conversation abilities. A psychology diploma also can assist people in making more vital studies talents, which will be carried out to benefit perception similarly into human conduct and enterprise and marketplace trends. Additionally, a psychology diploma can assist domesticate management and control talents that may be carried out to prominent roles.

Steps to Earning Your Psychology Degree

Psychology Degree

The coursework related to incomes a psychology diploma typically covers topics without delay bearing on the idea of psychology, which includes strange psychology, organic psychology, and human cognition. Some levels may also combine publications committed to carrying out studies, from records accumulating to records interpretation. They can also pursue superior levels if they’re inquisitive about constructing a senior-stage profession within the psychology subject.

Similarities Between Behavioral Science and Psychology

When evaluating behavioral technology vs. psychology levels, it’s miles clean. There are numerous underlying similarities between the 2. Psychology is commonly considered a subdiscipline of behavioral technology, and as such, the two regions reveal a few overlaps in coursework and professional paths. Both levels emphasize strategies, examine human conduct, and require publications that follow critical wondering to social technology.

Differences Between Behavioral Science and Psychology

Science and Psychology

The variations among behavioral technology and psychology levels consist of the point of interest and coursework of the stations themselves, in addition to capability profession paths. While those disciplines are intently related, expertise the nuances among them can assist college students healthy their diploma desire with their pursuits and expert goals.

Career Paths

It’s critical to word that a lot of those specialties require to look at on the graduate stage, in addition to capability licensing and certification requirements. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some professional paths are open to behavioral technology graduates. These consist of a fitness provider supervisor and social offerings supervisor; each of those careers requires a bachelor’s diploma.

Behavioral Science vs. Psychology Degree: Which Is Right for You?

Although there are critical variations among those fields, everyone calls for an ardor for the expertise and decoding of human conduct and actions. Behavioral technology gives software for people curious about reading the broader impacts on human behavior. Those trying to look at human conduct on the man or woman stage thru cognition, intellectual processes, and mind biology can also discover a psychology curriculum to be higher healthy for his or her pursuits.

Eight Basic Psychology Facts You Should Know

Eight Basic Psychology Facts You Should Know

Psychology Is the Study of the Mind and Behavior

Psychology has now no longer continually existed because it has today. It’s far considered a notably younger discipline. Even psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus explained that it has a quick beyond an extended history.

Psychology has speedily grown to play a significant position withinside the international today. Psychologists are hired in hospitals, intellectual fitness clinics, schools, schools and universities, authorities agencies, personal corporations, and personal practices. They carry out extensive duties and roles, from treating intellectual contamination to appearing studies to influencing public fitness policy.

Psychology Relies on Scientific Methods

One of the maximum not unusualplace myths approximately psychology is that it’s far simply “not unusualplace feel.” The hassle with that is that mental studies have helped exhibit that most of the matters that we trust are simply not unusualplace feel are no longer genuine at all.three If not unusualplace feel have been as not unusualplace as humans say it’s far, then humans wouldn’t have interaction in behaviors that they understand are terrible for them, like smoking or ingesting junk food.

Scientific Methods

By tough a number of our misconceptions approximately how and why humans behave as they do, psychologists are capable of offer solutions that assist clear up real-international troubles.

Using empirical techniques, researchers are capable of find out relationships among exclusive variables.

Psychologists Take Multiple Perspectives

Each attitude allows making contributions a brand new stage of expertise to a subject. Some of the most critical views in psychology5 encompass:

  • Biological attitude
  • Cognitive attitude
  • Behavioral attitude
  • Evolutionary attitude
  • Humanistic attitude

Scientific Methods

Imagine, for example, that psychologists are seeking to apprehend the various factors that contribute to bullying. One researcher would possibly take an organic attitude and observe the position of genetics and the brain. Another would perhaps take a behavioral attitude and have a follow how bullying behaviors are strengthened via way of means of the environment. Another would possibly take a social perspective and examine the effect of institution pressure.

No unmarried attitude is proper. Each contributes to apprehending a subject and lets researchers investigate the various effects of specific movements. Then, they can provide you with multi-faceted answers to fight complicated signs and inspire higher consequences and more healthy behaviors.

Psychology Has Subfields

The form of a psychologist may also rely on the state of hassle you’re facing. If you’re experiencing emotional or mental symptoms, you would possibly want a medical or counseling psychologist. If you’ve got got a query approximately whether or not your infant is growing normally, you then definitely would perhaps need to invite a developmental psychologist.
Some psychologists’ paintings withinside intellectual fitness, treating sufferers experiencing psychiatric issues and mental distress. Subfields consisting of medical, counseling, and fitness psychology focus on supporting humans with intellectual and bodily fitness troubles.

Psychology Has Subfields

Other psychologists’ paintings in carried out subfields, consisting of forensic psychology and industrial-organizational psychology, to clear up real-international troubles. Still, different psychologists awareness their paintings on studies to contribute to our human thoughts and conduct expertise. Such psychologists may also specialize in a specific place consisting of development, social conduct, cognition, or persona.7

Psychology Is More Than Mental Health

While the remedy is a massive part of psychology, it isn’t the best issue that psychologists do. Many psychologists do not know paintings withinside the subject of intellectual fitness at all. Psychology encompasses different regions consisting of teaching, studies, and consulting.

Mental fitness is absolutely a top place of hobby in psychology. However, psychologists additionally do matters consisting of assist athletes to hone their motivation and intellectual awareness, assist layout merchandise that is secure and beneficial and assist corporations in apprehending how to persuade consumers.

Psychology Is All Around You

Psychology Is All Around You

Psychology isn’t simply an educational issue that exists best in classrooms, studies labs, and intellectual fitness offices. The ideas of psychology may be visible all around you in ordinary situations.

The tv advertisements and print advertisements you notice each day rely upon psychology to increase advertising messages that impact and convince humans to buy the marketed merchandise. The websites you go to on an everyday foundation use psychology to apprehend how humans read, use, and interpret online information.

Psychology also can play a position in enhancing your fitness and well-being. For example, expertise in can also psychologists number of the simple ideas of behavioral psychology would possibly be available if you attempt to interrupt a terrible dependency and set up new routines.

Knowing more approximately a number of the matters that inspire conduct may be beneficial if you attempt to paste to a healthy diet weight-reduction plan or workout regimen. Overcoming phobias, coping with stress, enhancing verbal exchange skills, and making higher selections are only some of the matters with which psychology can assist.

Career Paths

Psychology Has Many Career Paths

Suppose your infant is experiencing troubles at faculty. In that case, you may be trying to find a recommendation from a faculty psychologist who focuses on supporting children coping with academic, social, emotional, and different troubles. If you’re worried about approximately an aged discern or grandparent, you would possibly need to discuss with a developmental psychologist who’s particularly educated and informed in troubles associated with the growing old process.

Behavioral Psychology : What It Is And How To Use It

Behavioral Psychology : What It Is And How To Use It

What a behavioral technological know-how diploma affords is an interdisciplinary technique to reading human conduct. It uses cognitive technological know-how, psychology, sociology, anthropology, or even synthetic intelligence (AI) to discover and examine human actions, habits, and intentions. Social sciences study the effect of verbal exchange, language, culture, and the surroundings on human conduct.

What Do Behavioral Science Degree Graduates Do?

A behavioral technological know-how holder profits abilities to assist people apprehend their conduct, the conduct in their peers, or inside the context of business, the behavior of consumers. They can practice those abilities in human resources, social and network management, or different application areas. Some graduates paintings in business, using purchaser conduct insights to product improvement or advertising and marketing strategy.


Examples of behavioral technological know-how careers that require a bachelor’s diploma include fitness carrier supervisor and social offerings, supervisor. Other professional standards encompass company coach, behavioral scientist, or behavioral technological know-how researcher; those roles regularly require superior tiers and extra schooling and abilities.

Corporate Coach: Also called government coaches, those specialists paintings with executives or different leaders to assist them in becoming aware of goals, enhancing self-awareness, and expanding professionally. They no longer typically supply recommendations the manner a therapist or representative does, however alternatively, they ask clarifying inquiries to assist leaders in becoming aware of answers on their own.

Behavioral Scientist: These specialists paintings in fields that include regulation enforcement and social offerings and feature numerous duties which can encompass investigating public fitness troubles or growing instructional programs. For example, a behavioral scientist would possibly expand a way to lessen the probability of repeated crimes, drug abuse, or other particular problem inside a network by reading statistics and figuring out styles that cope with the underlying cause. The median annual profits for behavioral scientists will become approximately $90,2 hundred in February 2021, according to PayScale.

Behavioral Science Researcher: These specialists behavior behavioral studies research at universities, healthcare facilities, and personal companies. They interpret and examine the consequences of statistical tests; make knowledgeable picks on how to measure, screen, and put together statistics; and put together magazine articles or oral shows to percentage and distribute findings. PayScale additionally classifies this position below the behavioral scientist category, with an average annual profit of about $90,2 hundred in 2021.

Skills Developed

Skills Developed Through a Behavioral Science Degree

A behavioral technological know-how diploma can assist graduates to expand sturdy analytical abilities that are crucial to appropriately knowledge a person’s behavioral styles. Strong verbal exchange capabilities are also developed, allowing diploma-holders to rate their expert observations correctly and without ambiguity. Additionally, a behavioral technological know-how diploma can assist people with expanding abilities which can permit them to thrive in crew situations, including venture management.

Steps to Earning Your Behavioral Science Degree

hey may additionally encompass different publications, which include data that can expand a student’s analytical abilities. Once this coursework is finished and a bachelor’s diploma is obtained, graduates can start pursuing entry-degree roles withinside the behavioral technological know-how area. They also can use the diploma as a stepping-stone to follow superior tiers in behavioral technological know-how.

Although there are critical variations among those examination fields, everyone calls for an ardor for knowledge and deciphering human conduct and actions. Behavioral technological know-how gives software for people interested by reading the broader impacts on human behavior. Those trying to examine human conduct on the person’s degree via cognition, intellectual processes, and mind biology may also discover a psychology curriculum to be higher in shape for their interests.

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